Shame on you noracora for selling such poor quality clothing and not letting us know that your company is located in China and it takes forever to get your orders. This is a warning to anyone who's considering purchasing clothing from this company do not purchase anything or you will regret it when I received my package and opened it up I was in shock I couldn't believe the quality of these clothing pieces that I have received they were terrible disgusting I didn't look anything like the pictures on the website just horrific I couldn't believe it so to answer a lot of people's questions this place is fraud do not make a purchase from now keep your money in your pocket so that you won't be upset later I'm just trying to warn you take it from someone who's already been duped but won't be duped again I learned my lesson investigate investigate research before I purchase anything else online

User's recommendation: Donot entertain the thought of ever purchasing anything from the store or you will be sorry for buying it after being warned.

Location: Clark, New Jersey

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