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False advertising. I saw a really attractive, feminine blouse on an IG add, so I ordered it. Heres what I got: a wide cut, no shape, weird looking shirt, made with heavy sports jersey material.

Looks like a clown could wear this thing.

And now theyre making it impossible for me to return it.

User's recommendation: Don’t order from this fake vendor.

Location: Westwood, New Jersey

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I ordered about 20 items online ($250.00) from the beautiful clothing they advertised. it took at least 7-8 weeks to finally receive anything.

when the first item was received, I knew I had a problem....the flimsy material looked as if the print or pattern was stamped on a translutent roll of heavy tissue paper and then cut out on one piece of the cloth.

the quality was horrendeous....I ordered 1X and 2X.....the items I received would probably fit a 12 yr old girl....I tried to get a refund but no one ever responded to me. When I saw the address that it came from China, I realized it was a scam...When I saw the reviews on the company, I realized I had been had.....Now I have a box full of items that I will not even give away to a local resale shop.

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